Wavyleaf Oak

Quercus undulata

Plant Details:

Plant Type: Deciduous Tree
Plant Family: Fagaceae
Plant Description: Tall, deciduous shrub native to Utah. Wavyleaf Oak is a hybrid of Gambel Oak (Q. gambelii) and Shrub Live Oak (Q. turbinella). Elliptical leaves have wavy edges and are dark blue-green above and dull green and hairy underneath. May be difficult to find for resale.
Plant Care: Prune regularly to promote health, provide air circulation, maintain a desirable shape, and to remove dead or damaged branches. Pruning is best done in late-winter to early spring for most trees and late-spring for spring blooming trees. Choose species that are resistant to pest damage. Monitor the tree for pests, diseases or other ailments on a regular basis. Protect the trunk especially where maintenance activities, such as mowing, may cause damage. Newly planted trees in areas with high exposure should have the trunk protected during the winter.

Plant Attributes:

Hardiness Zone: 5 to 8
Mature Size: 10' tall and wide
Utah Native: Y

Plant Needs:

Light Requirement: Sun to Shade
Irrigation Requirement:     Low

Garden Location:

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