Turkish Cedar

Cedrus libani var. stenocoma

Plant Details:

Plant Type: Evergreen Tree
Plant Family: Pinaceae
Plant Description: Large evergreen subspecies of Cedar of Lebanon native to southwest Turkey. Trees are pyramidal in form but more rounded with maturity. Short, green needles and open branching create a very picturesque specimen tree. Cones are held upright on branches. Tolerant of many soil types and drought. Plant in an area with plenty of room to grow.
Plant Care: Light pruning is required to maintain desired shape and to avoid branching problems such as double-leader stems. Evergreen trees can be difficult to establish. Adequate winter moisture is critical for the first 2-3 years until the roots establish. If there is a dry winter check the root ball with your finger for moisture before watering. Monitor for pests and diseases.

Plant Attributes:

Hardiness Zone: 5 to 9
Mature Size: 40-60' tall x 20-30' wide
Utah Native: No
Plant Select: No
Salt Tolerant: Unknown
Deer Resistant: Unknown
Pollinator Friendly: No
Localscapes: Tree, Perimeter Plant
Foliage Interest: No
Foliage Color: Green

Plant Needs:

Light Requirement: Sun
Irrigation Requirement:     Low

Garden Location:

  • Design Path
    • Scene or Unseen
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter