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The Resource Library contains various resources from publications to tips on how to conserve water.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Creando un Jardín Eficáz
Este folleto está diseñado para ofrecerles a los propietarios de casa información general sobre cómo crear un jardín más eficiente, ayudando así a conservar nuestro valioso recurso del agua.
Creating A Waterwise Landscape
Not all of us can afford to makeover our landscape entirely. This pamphlet shows simple things everyone can do to save a lot of water.
Water Conserving Tips
Discover some simple tips and tricks for water conservation. This document covers lawn tips, landscaping tips, sprinkler tips, and watering tips.

JVWCD Conservation Plan

2014 Conservation Plan Update


Waterwise Landscapes - Week 1
Waterwise Landscapes - Week 2
Waterwise Landscapes - Week 3

Ready Made Plans


Sample Waterwise Landscape Designs

Attracting Wildlife
If you love butterflies, bees, and other hummingbirds, this landscape will invite them all.
Entertaining & Hardscape
If you like to entertain but still want beautiful greenery, this is the landscape design for you.
Incorporating edibles into the landscape provides a stunning (and yummy!) effect in this design.
Kid-Friendly Back Yard
If you have kids, you know how much they like the grass. This alternative allows for water efficiency and room for the kids to play!
Low-Maintenance Yard
Every landscaper's dream--less work for a beautiful yard!
Utah Natives
One of the best and most beautiful ways to have a waterwise landscape is to use plants that grow in Utah naturally.
Winter Interest
Who says your landscape can't be gorgeous in the winter?