• Why We Exist

    Why We Exist

    More than 60 percent of Utah’s drinking water is used on outdoor landscapes—and with water shortages expected as early as 2040, changing the way landscaping is done in Utah is becoming increasingly important. At Conservation Garden Park, we model the best use of water in Utah landscapes and empower communities to make the most of our shared water resources. Jordan Valley Water's Conservation Garden Park showcases landscapes suited for Utah's unique climate that are not only beautiful and easier to maintain, but are also designed to efficiently use water. Here you learn how simple changes can result in big water savings.

  • Why We Need to Conserve Water

    Utah’s population is expected to double by 2060, but our water supply won’t. Data from the Utah Division of Water Resources indicates that unless progress is made in water conservation and new sources are developed, Utah will not have enough water to meet expected demands. Water conservation is a vital first step to ensure that Utah’s water supply will be able to support our own children and grandchildren into the future.

  • State Conservation Goal

    In 2000, the Governor has issued a statewide goal to reduce water use 25 percent per person by 2025. Since then, Utahns have reduced their use an average of 18 percent. Statewide infrastructure planning for future generations assumes Utahns will meet this goal. We have made good progress so far, but water conservation is becoming more difficult and expensive. the more effort we make today, the less likely we will be faced with a crisis in the future.

  • Ready to Make a Landscape Change?

    Resources at Conservation Garden Park can help you make changes to your landscape that will increase its beauty and water efficiency. And because so much of Utah's water is used on our landscapes, this is where we can save the most. Get started by visiting the Garden or registering for a class.

Conservation Garden Park

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