USU Urban Homestead Expo

Saturday, April 20 2019 from 9:00AM - 3:00PM


Calling all backyard gardeners, urban homesteaders, and hobby farmers! Do you want to step up your sustainability game? Interested in moving beyond tomatoes and peppers in your garden? Come to the Urban Homestead Expo at Conservation Garden Park to learn from our experts.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY and be sure to register for only ONE BREAKOUT SESSION PER TIMESLOT. Each session costs $2.50 and the Issues Forum/Q&A times are free of charge.

9am: (Choose only one)
Breakout 1 - Pesticide Movement in Your Landscape
Breakout 2 - Lotions and Potions using Dried Herbs
Breakout 3 - Organic Gardening
Breakout 4 - Goats in the City
Breakout 5 - Walking Tour - Localscapes

10am: (Choose only one)
Breakout 1 - Round Up vs Blue Dawn Dish Soap
Breakout 2 - Getting Started with Home Canning
Breakout 3 - Backyard Composting
Breakout 4 - Backyard Chickens
Breakout 5 - Walking Tour - Natives and Xeric Plants

11am: General Issues Forum / Q&A Sessions

12pm: Food Trucks Available

12:30pm: (Choose only one)
Breakout 1 - Secrets to Succesful Soil
Breakout 2 - Weed Management
Breakout 3 - Rabbits for Pets or Meat
Breakout 4 - Proper Pruning Practices
Breakout 5 - Walking Tour - Best Shrubs for Utah

1:30pm: (Choose only one)
Breakout 1 - Home Foods Act
Breakout 2 - Success with CSAs
Breakout 3 - Finance on the Farm
Breakout 4 - Are you Thinking of Getting Bees?
Breakout 5 - Walking Tour - Best Trees for Utah

2:30pm: General Issues Forum / Q&A Sessions

Presented by: Utah State University Extension

If you have questions please call Andrea: 385-468-4825

Saturday, April 20

9:00AM - 3:00PM
This event occurred on April 20 2019.