Flip Your Strip and Side Yard

Saturday, July 15 2023 from 9:00AM - 10:30AM

In-Person Class

Learn the best techniques to add curb appeal and save water by removing non-functional lawn from your landscape.

This class focuses on best practices to save water through appropriate watering, plant selection, and planned maintenance. We will begin by teaching you how to identify non-functional areas of lawn in your landscape then cover the steps to flip it into a beautiful water efficient landscape.

This class is required for the Landscape Incentive Program for smaller projects. This includes the following:
Park Strips
Side Yards
Other Small Landscape Projects

If you plan to undertake a larger landscape project like a full yard or front/backyard project Localscapes University is required.

Taught by Conservation Garden Park staff.

This class will meet in the Education Center at Conservation Garden Park.

Registration is required for admittance to this event.

For more information about water conservation program incentives available in your area please visit utahwatersavers.com

Saturday, July 15

9:00AM - 10:30AM
This event occurred on July 15 2023.