Urban Homestead Expo

Saturday, April 22 2017 from 10:00AM - 2:00PM


Calling all backyard gardeners, urban homesteaders, and hobby farmers! Do you want to step up your sustainability game? Interested in moving beyond tomatoes and peppers in your garden? Come to the Backyard Homestead Expo at Conservation Garden Park to learn from our experts about backyard chickens, drip irrigation, beekeeping, food preservation, fruit trees, pest management and more! Plan to browse our booths and chat one-on-one with our staff, or attend presentations scheduled throughout the day.

Lunch will be available for purchase from Pat's BBQ. Pre-register to get lunch for $13. If purchasing a lunch ticket at the door, the cost will be $15.

Class Schedule:
10:15 AM •Pinyon Pine Room: Lye Soap - Teresa Hunsaker •Apache Plume Room: Organic Gardening - Katie Wagner •Mountain Mahogany Room: Drip Irrigation - Ron Patterson

11:15 AM •Pinyon Pine Room: TBD •Apache Plume Room: Beekeeping - JayDee Gunnell •Mountain Mahogany Room: Localscapes - Cynthia Bee

12:15 PM •Pinyon Pine Room: Finances - Ruby Ward •Apache Plume Room: Composting - Katie Wagner •Mountain Mahogany Room: Integrated Pest Management for Vegetables - Helen Muntz

1:15 PM •Pinyon Pine Room: Creating Water-Efficient Park Strips - Shaun Moser •Apache Plume Room: Backyard Chickens - Justen Smith •Mountain Mahogany Room: Fruit Trees - Shawn Olsen

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Saturday, April 22

10:00AM - 2:00PM
This event occurred on April 22 2017.