Utah Serviceberry

Amelanchier utahensis

Plant Details:

Plant Type: Shrub
Plant Family: Rosaceae
Plant Description: Large, rounded deciduous shrub native to Utah. Vigorous grower, may grow suckers. Hairy, light-green leaves are finely toothed at the tips and turn yellow in the fall. Clusters of pure white flowers bloom in late-spring followed by edible purple-black berries. Tolerant of drought and alkaline soils. Does well in rocky areas.


Maintenance Type: Shrub - Thinning
Plant Care: Shrub - Thinning (woody multi-stemmed plants that lose their leaves every winter and look best on older stems): Prune dead, diseased, or rubbing branches. Pruning is best done in late winter to early spring for most shrubs. With spring blooming shrubs, prune after the blooms are spent. Remove up to 1/3rd of the overall shrub, keeping older branches to build up a sturdy, permanent and picturesque framework. Keep in mind that these shrubs bloom directly on older wood or on shoots that come off old wood. Monitor for pests, diseases, or other ailments on a regular basis.

Plant Attributes:

Mature Size: 10-12' tall x 8-10' wide
Utah Native: Yes
Plant Select: No
Pollinator Friendly: Yes
Localscapes: Perimeter Plant, Foundation Plant
Foliage Interest: No
Foliage Colors: Light Green
Bloom Colors: White
Bloom Seasons: Late Spring
Bloom Period: May - Jun

Growing Conditions:

Hardiness Zone: 3 to 6
Light Requirement: Full Sun (6+ hrs sun), Part Shade (4-6 hrs morning sun), Part Sun (4-6 hrs afternoon sun)
Irrigation Requirement:     Low (1/2" every 10-14 days)
Salt Tolerant: Yes
Deer Resistant: Unknown

Garden Location:

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